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Microblading and Brow Specialist
Skin Care Therapist
LVL Lash Technician


HELLO HENNA BROWS               £30

Get Stunning Brows the Natural way with this awesome, must have Brow Treatment!
Say Goodbye to Tint - Say Hello to Henna!

  • Results last 5-7 weeks
  • No Lead or Amonia
  • Gentle on the Skin
  • Natural Vegan Product
  • Chemical Free - just Natural Henna and Water
  • Personalised Shades to Perfectly Match your Desired Look
Treatment Includes - 
  • Personalised Brow Design
  • Colour Matched Henna Tint
  • Relaxing Hand & Arm Massage
  • Wax, pluck, thread & shape of Brows
Application of Mineral Make-Up can be added to finish your look if required.


A Simple Wax and Shape of your Natural Brows.



Treatment Price Includes - 
  • 45 Minute Consultation Appointment (Including Hello Henna Brows Treatment)
  • 1hr 15 min Treatment Appointment 
  • 6 Week Top-Up Treatment 


Brows will last 12 - 18 months (depending on client lifestyle and skin type) and will fade naturally over this time. You are welcomed back in for an annual top up treatment anytime between 10-14 months after your initial treatment. If your brows are too faded or top up is booked after 14 months, it is possible that the Full Treatment will be required from scratch again to achieve a perfect refined result.


Give brows a 'pencilled in' look with a Blush Service through your brows - perfect if you have fair brows and want a more defined look, want to shorten your morning make-up regime or have a special event coming up..... a PERFECT Treatment for Brides! The results from this service will last approx 3-4 months.

Treatment Price Includes -
  • 45 Minute Consultation Appointment (Including Hello Henna Brows Treatment)
  • 45 min Treatment Appointment

This Treatment includes both your Full Featherstroke Brows and also a Blushed Brows finishing service to give the Ultimate in perfected brows that give you that refined and made-up look. You really can wake up with no make-up!!


'LVL' LASHES                   £35

A Lengthening, Volumising, Lash Lift Treatment is the Best way to really Accentuate your own Lashes, without the need for Extensions or Strip Lashes and results will last for 6-8 weeks!!
Your own Natural Lashes are Lifted at the Root, Set and Tinted during this Relaxing treatment - giving the appearance of Longer, Thicker Lashes. No Need for Mascara. Just Perfect Lashes from the Moment you Wake Up.



DERMAPLANING is the Super-Effective Exfoliating treatment that EVERYONE is talking about!!

Your Skin is left Glowing after we Remove the Dulling and Dead Surface Layers of the skin to reveal your Natural Youthful Glow!
The treatment also removes that fine 'Peach Fuzz' hair that we often have on the face, leaving the skin amazingly soft and better prepared to absorb Facial Products - making your Skincare Products SO much more effective, plus giving the most Beautiful, Dewey Canvas for a Flawless Make-up finish.

This Fabulous Treatment can be performed alone or incorporated into a more Indulgent or Prescriptive Facial Treatment Routine, depending on your needs.......
During the Treatment I work with a Specialised Dermaplaning Blade to Remove the build up of Dead Surface Skin Cells, as they can make your Complexion appear Dull, Flakey and can even cause Breakouts due to Clogged Pores and Hair Follicles.


Pure Dermaplaning - £45 (45 mins)

Skin is first Deeply Cleansed using Skin Brightening, Botanical Products.
The Dermaplaning procedure can then be carried out, followed by the application of a Deeply Nourishing & Rejuvenating Rose Facial Oil and Skin Specific Moisture Veil

Pure Rose Dermaplaning - £55 (1hr)

Upscale your Dermaplaning experience with a Deeply Soothing Facial Massage using a Beautiful Blend of Rose Geranium, Jojoba, Rosehip and Pomegranate Seed Oils, renowned for their Skin Soothing and Rejuvenating properties.
In addition, a Cooled Rose Quartz Facial Roller assists in Reducing Puffiness, Improving Circulation, the appearance of Fine Lines, Detoxifying the Skin and Promoting that Gorgeous Glow.

Pure GOLD Dermaplaning - £70 (1hr 15mins)

The Ultimate in Decadence.... this Dermaplaning Treatment incorporates a 24Carat Gold Leaf Mask!
No wonder it is a treatment LOVED by the Rich and Famous!
After the full Dermaplaning, and Pure Rose treatments as described above have been carried out, your skin is then treated to Pure Gold....... The Gold application Improves Blood Circulation and Encourages Skin Elasticity to be Maintained. Activating the Process of Cell Renewal, it brings a Significant Reduction in the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, provides the skin with Oxygen and Reduces the Appearance of Tiredness, it also helps to Prevent Blemishes due to its Anti-Bacterial Properties...... even Cleopatra herself used Gold Leaf masks on a daily basis to keep her skin glowing, hydrated and radiant...... and now you can too!


I have been Fully and Properly Trained and Accredited to carry out this treatment, so you can just Lie-Back and Relax as the treatment carries NO Discomfort, has Zero 'Down-Time' afterwards AND can even be classed as the Perfect 'Lunch-Break' Treatment.
It's also a Fabulous Pre-Holiday or Special Event Treatment when looking our Best is Non-Negotiable.

The Dermaplaning Procedure Removes 4 Weeks Worth of Dead Skin Cells, so your Glow will last All Month Long (upto 4 weeks)!!
But, your skin is always growing, and so I'd advise having a regular Treatment every 4-6 weeks to ensure the results you see are Maintained Long-Term. Trust me, you'll never go back once you've seen your Glow Revealed!!

Dermaplaning is suitable for all Skin Types and is Particularly Effective for clients who have Sun Damage, Fine Lines, Mild Acne Scarring,  Certain Pigmentation Disorders, Very Dry Skin or Dull Skin. (Please note - as the procedure involves the use of a sharp scalpel, clients with Inflamed Acne should avoid the treatment until the condition clears up).


Exfoliates Dead Surface Skin Cells that Dull the Complexion and Block Pores
Removes Fine Vellus Hair (Peach Fuzz)
No Downtime
Improves Mild Acne Scarring
Great for All Skin Types, Including Very Sensitive Skin
Can Help to Reduce the Appearance of Pigmentation Marks and Sun Damage
Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Increases Absorption and Effectiveness of Topical Products


MICROBLADING - all you need to know

MICROBLADING - all you need to know
More and more people are looking to have beautiful natural looking brows, that are low maintenance and look perfect from the moment they get up in the morning.
This look is something that only Microblading can achieve…..
and it takes a well-trained technician to achieve this look.
Traditional Cosmetic Tattoo or Semi- Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) treatments, use a machine, but with Microblading we use a small handheld tool that enables us to meticulously create fine, individual hair strokes, so your completed brows look like they are literally your own real hair.


I have been trained by a Highly professional company, who are leaders in the field of SPMU and Facial Aesthetics, called Epibrow.
My training was to an incredibly high standard and on a 1 to 1 basis, and as part of my course I have also been trained, and am insured, to legally numb the area of the brows that I will be working on, and in addition I am certified to use a product called Epinephrine (Topical Adrenaline) on the area. The purpose of this is to provide further comfort to you as my client, to encourage the skin to heal faster, minimize any bleeding and to help the skin to retain the pigment. This assures that you have a much more defined result, with finer detailing, less likelihood of blurring and minimal fade with your finished brow. Many Microblading practitioners do not hold this certification, in fact I am the first person to hold this accreditation in Cornwall. I believe in offering the best to my clients and want to ensure that your results and comfort are paramount during and after your treatment with me.



At your first appointment, we will go through a detailed consultation so I can ascertain if the treatment is suitable for you.
This includes a medical questionnaire and a patch test of the products I will be using, to ensure that there are no reasons or reactions that will prevent you from having the treatment.
We will then look at your preferred brow shape,
and colour match the pigment choices I will use to reflect this.
I encourage you to bring in any eye pencil/powders that you might currently use so I can see the colour and shape that you like your brows to be.
Alternatively, please feel free to bring along any pictures from magazines or Pinterest that you can find of the type of brows that you would like. I will always be totally honest with you if I believe that a certain style or shape will not work for your face, I withhold the right to refuse to undertake any work that I feel will not suit you, or represent my professional standards.
I want you to leave looking the absolute best version of you - naturally beautiful!

Finally, I will design your brows by marking them on with pencil so you can see the shape that we are going to create, if needed I will also shape and tint your natural brow hair so we have the best canvas to create your Microbladed brows at your next appointment. At this stage it is vital that you are honest with me about the shape, and I am more than happy to adjust the design for you however many times you need me to, until you are 100% happy!!
Your Deposit of £50 will be taken at this stage.
I can accept Card Payments, Cash or Bank Transfers (If made in advance).

Your Treatment appointment will be booked for between 3 days to 1 week later.
· DO NOT consume alcohol OR take aspirin for 24hrs prior to your Treatment Appointment.
· DO NOT expose your skin to the Sun/Sunbeds 24hrs prior to your appointment.
· DO NOT undergo any Facial Peels / Microdermabrasion or similar mechanical Exfoliation process for 4 weeks prior to treatment,
· DO NOT have any Botox or Dermal Fillers for 4 weeks prior to treatment.

TREATMENT APPOINTMENT (approx. 1 hour 15 mins)

On arrival for your appointment I will apply a topical numbing cream to your brows and we will spend some time recapping our previous appointment and Consultation, to go through exactly what we are wanting to achieve. I will fully explain the treatment to you, so you are totally comfortable and can relax.
Once the Pre-Numb has taken effect I will clean the area I’m working on and measure and mark out the brows we are going to create for you.
I will never start Blading until you are 100% happy with the drawn design.

I will then use a precision tool – a Microblade – to begin to create tiny, precision hair strokes throughout your brow, to create the look we have designed. The sensation is similar to a little scratch but you shouldn’t experience any discomfort.
The Microbladed strokes don’t go any deeper than the surface layers of your skin (The Epidermis) unlike a traditional Art Tattoo, where pigment/Ink is taken into a much deeper layer (The Dermis).
These strokes will then be implanted with pigment to create the effect of your own natural brow hair.
I will regularly apply the Topical Adrenaline to the area I am working on to further assure your comfort and the effectiveness of the treatment results while your brows heal.
The treatment itself generally takes around 1hr – 1hr 15mins to complete and will leave you with Instant, highly realistic, natural looking brows.


As with any Semi-Permanent Make-Up treatment, the design we have created will initially look about 40-50% darker that the colour you have chosen in your consultation.
This it totally normal and the colour will fade within 4-5 days to reveal your chosen colour.

Your skin will now go through 3 stages of healing: HEAL – PEEL – FADE
NEVER fiddle with the tiny scabs that form or be tempted to pick them off, as this can create over-faded or blurred results!

If the area feels dry or itchy in any way, please apply Aloe Vera Gel or a Petroleum free Ointment. (I can recommend these to you if you wish)


· DO NOT wet the brows, or allow yourself to come into any contact with steam (ie- Hot Showers/Baths, Steam rooms etc) Avoid Strong water jets from showers on the brow area for the first week
· DO NOT Fiddle with or unnecessarily touch the area. If you need to dab away any Lymph fluid that might occur (whilst your body heals itself), ensure you use a clean tissue and lightly dab the area – do not rub, pull or use fluffy cotton wool or fabric towels.
· DO NOT apply make-up to your Brow Area – it might appear a little blanched or pinkish, due to the body beginning the healing process, but this is normal and will soon disappear.
· DO NOT partake in any vigorous exercise that is likely to cause you to sweat heavily.


· It is really important that any facial products (moisturisers etc) are only used if they are dispensed from a pump top bottle that is 100% air-tight. Creams/lotions in pots or tubes will need to be discarded and replaced as they will contain bacteria that could lead to infection.
· DO NOT use Make-up over your brows for the first week after treatment.
After the first week has passed you may apply your make-up as usual, BUT it must either be dispensed from a pump (eg. Foundations), or brand new to avoid any bacteria being introduced to the area. Wash all your make-up brushes in an anti-bacterial soap (Handwash or washing up liquid often has these properties). Pencils can be sharpened to remove any surface that has previously been open to the air or in contact with the skin. Always use a brand new Make-Up sponge as these are very hard to completely clean and can harbour many bacteria.
· Do not Expose your brows to direct sunlight or use a Sunbed. (Ideally Sun Exposure should be avoided completely for the first 2-3 weeks)
Always use a Moisturiser that contains SPF20 or above, to protect the area from fading. I suggest all my clients introduce a quality Mineral Sunscreen to their skincare regime to protect their brows from fading and ensure the longest lasting results. ( I am happy to recommend any skincare to suit your skin if needed.)
· DO NOT pick or rub the area. Tiny scabs will form over each hair stroke that has been created. This is a natural part of the healing process. The scabs will naturally slough away by themselves and reveal a lighter, clean hair stroke if not tampered with. If the area feels dry or itchy, gently apply a recommended lotion with a cotton bud.


Giving Blood
The Red Cross have suggested that you do not give blood for 6 months after your treatment.
MRI Scans
This procedure will show up on a scan. Some clients can experience a tingling sensation in the area. Please inform your radiologist.
Botox & Dermal Fillers can alter the shape of the brows and should be done 4 weeks prior to treatment.
Facial Peels / Microdermabrasion
Any strong facial exfoliants, peels, microdermabrasion etc type treatments can enhance the fade of pigment from your brows. A treatment cannot be carried out on a client who has had a recent treatment of this kind as the skin will be too thin and sensitive. I recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before commencing with your Microblading.


After 6 weeks the skin will have completely healed and the pigment settled into the skin. The initial result can sometimes be quite faded – this is completely normal.
Even if you feel your brows are looking good, it is essential to come back for a follow up appointment to PERFECT your brows. This can involve adding more hair strokes, warming or cooling the colour we have achieved and / or adding a ‘Blush’ through the brow.
(A Blush will give the effect of a make-up ‘powdered’ finish and will last upto 4 months).
The Aftercare and healing process will be the same and should be adhered to exactly as in your first treatment. This top-up is essential for the longevity of your results, and must always be scheduled.

You’re done!

You can now enjoy beautiful, natural looking brows with no effort or fuss every single day! Effortless Beauty is what I want to help you achieve…….
After 12-18 months, you will want to come back for a Top-Up service to keep them looking their absolute best, and you could even pop in every 4 months for a ‘Brow Blush’ to keep that powdered look fresh and beautiful, or a bi-monthly Hello Henna treatment to tint any existing hair growth and keep any unwanted hairs at bay.

Thank you for choosing me to be your Brow Technician!!

Jess. x



It's so great to Welcome you to my website - thanks for checking me out... I hope you find all the answers you're looking for, and are of course tempted by some Beautiful Treatment Options that lead you to take some Precious Time
and Indulge in 'Filling Your Cup' and making Yourself Feel Wonderful!
Please feel free to head to the "Contact" section and pop me a message with any questions you might have! I look forward to hearing from you!.... and in the meantime, here's a bit of info about me and why I love what I do so much!!

I trained in Beauty Therapy to an International Standard when I was 18 and have racked up over 20 years experience in the Hair & Beauty Industry within Cornwall since then. I have been blessed to work with some Major Brands over this time.
My love of Brows and Beauty has led me to Specialise in the fields of Facial Aesthetics and Microblading and prompted me to start my own business - "Live Well - Love Pure, Brows & Beauty" in 2018.....

I am so excited by the rising popularity of a Well Groomed Brow.... it has always been one of my firmest beliefs, that if
'...The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul, then Brows are the Frame......'
and it fills me with SO much happiness when I hand the mirror to my clients and see the absolute twinkle in their eyes when they see their new Brows!! Absolute Job Satisfaction!!

I trained with a highly awarded and specialised Microblading Academy, and am proud to be the first Practitioner to bring the use of Topical Adrenaline, as well as Professionally and Legally Prescribed Numbing Creams, within my Feather-Touch Microblading treatments, to Cornwall.... the use of these products ensure the best possible results from your treatment as well as aiding your comfort and safety throughout.

Always check credentials and certification of your therapists and practitioners - for your own safety.
(For more detailed information on Microblading - head over to the 'Microblading - All you need to know' Section here on the Website or please don't hesitate to contact me directly)....

I also offer a range of other Fantastic Treatments including Prescriptive Facials, Exclusive Dermaplaning Treatments, Lengthening-Volumising-Lifting Lash Treatments and I am also an Official 'Hello Henna' Brow Stylist - for those of you wanting a more simple brow service that still delivers a Naturally Beautiful Brow to make those eyes really 'POP'!! Scroll through to my Treatment pages to find more detailed descriptions on all these Treatments.
The products I use are all Cruelty Free, as i really don't believe
that we should be inflicting our vanity on any creatures other than ourselves in this day and age.

In my Facial Treatments, I use Ultra Premium, Botanically Based Products that are also Certified Vegan and Gluten Free.
They are all available to purchase exclusively, so you can keep that beautiful glow and get your skin looking its radiant best at home...... be sure to Love- On the Skin You're In, and it will make you feel like a Million Dollars!!

.... and when i'm not Beautifying Brows or helping people Escape the busyness of their lives for a Mini-Retreat in to Relaxation and Pampering...... you can find me teaching Yoga, walking my dog on the beach, cooking with my daughter, listening to uplifting podcasts, gardening with my hubby, paddle boarding with my friends or simply chilling with an interiors magazine and a mellow glass of red!

I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you melt into Relaxation and achieve that True Bliss that can only come from Feeling Amazing, Inside and Out!

Brightest wishes,



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